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Data Conversion & Data Entry


Verve Research Solutions is a well recognized services provider in the outsourcing industry. We offer high quality, quick time, cost effective, 99.98% accurate and secure data entry services. Data entry is a process in which data entry specialists read paper document or extract from other online material and type them in order to transform data in to information.

Verve Research Solutions has hands on experience of 5 years in providing data entry services. Our accurate data entry services is useful for scanned copy, printed documents, handwritten documents, typed copy or any other format. Verve Research Solutions verifies data entry with double keyed data entry to maintain quality of data entry.

Our comprehensive range of data entry services for long-term and bulk data entry requirements are:

  • Online Data Entry
  • Offline Data Entry
  • Image Data Entry
  • Text Data Entry
  • Numeric Data Entry
  • Data Entry of Business Cards
  • Data Entry of online-offline Catalogues
  • Database Data Entry
  • Data Entry from Directories & Yellow Pages / White Pages
  • Forms Data Entry
  • Legal Documents Data Entry
  • Data Entry of Manuscripts / Historical Data
  • Data Entry from Paper Documents
  • Product Entry to E-commerce Stores
  • Data Entry of Resumes
  • Data Entry of Reports


Verve Research solutions have ages of specialized experience in data conversion! Our data conversion services convert format of the existing data into a new format of data. Verve Research solutions will handle complex and tedious process of data conversion with the help of 99.98% accurate data conversion services

Data conversion specialists at our production centres are highly trained to deal with all types of data conversion requirements. The team has years of experience in managing various document conversion projects. Getting quality data conversion services from an expert data conversion team greatly reduces risks and adds value to data and information management

Our range of data conversion and management solutions include:

  • Files Conversion Services
  • HTML Data Conversion Services
  • XML Data Conversion Services
  • PDF Conversion Services
  • SGML Data Conversion Services
  • XHTML Data Conversion Services
  • Microfilm Scanning and Conversion Services
  • Books Data Conversion Services
  • E-Books Conversion Services
  • Excel, Word and PowerPoint Data Conversion Services
  • Other data / file format conversion services

Find efficient and affordable data conversion solutions with us. Be assured that you benefit from the following:

  • Total Quality in converting data
  • Secured data management
  • Very less turnaround
  • Improved accessibility
  • Better usability
  • Structured and easily manageable information
  • Elimination of redundant / unwanted data
  • 99.98% accurate data conversion

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