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Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Verve Research Solutions Provide Designs that has an extensive in-house graphic design team. With their exceptional skills and talent, the Creatively Verve Research Solutions can take an idea or concept and turn it into a powerful and effective piece of visual communication

Our talented graphic designers in Pondicherry can also act as a back-end partner for clients with resource and time restrictions. Advertising agencies and large marketing departments the world-over use our graphic design team for new concepts, extending master concepts into different extensions, as well as for bulk layout operations – all at a fraction of the cost of local market rates.

Complimenting the talented design team is a competitive fee schedule. Verve Research Solutions can deliver quality end results without breaking the bank.

Packaging Design

Logo Design

Leaflet Design

Brochure Design

Prepress Services

Video Design

Vector Conversion and illustration

Copy Writing

Infographic Design

Magazine Design

Book Cover Design

Print Ad Design

Poster Design

Animation Design

PPT Presentations

As a part of the design process, every branding and identity project begins by thoroughly researching the client’s business and what they stand for. We strive for authenticity to ensure every brand’s touch point is a clear communication of who they are.


Our graphic design process has the following phases.

  • Phase I – Estimate, purchase order and advance
  • Phase II – Initial design samples & concept
  • Phase III – Development of design
  • Phase IV – Revisions – final stages of design
  • Phase V – Final files and artwork
  • Phase VI – Research and planning for better results

With extensive vision, quality and distinction, our team keeps the synergy between message and the creative to impact your marketing and ensure results.

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