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Here we check word by word and identify the correction also checks for typographical errors, repetition of small words, and correct styles. We check the grammar mistakes and punctuations. Editorial proofreading is usually done on material that has already been edited or reformatted. Proofreading is the final step. You want to leave your final proofreading for last because you might make substantial changes in the previous sections that will need to be proofread. Of course, you can fix any typos or errors that you find as you edit the other sections, but you need to do one final proofreading step.

Note: everyone benefits from an extra set of eyes on their work, even the best writers. Have a colleague or a professional editor look over your paper (and offer to do the same in return for them to practice your own editing skills). If you need help with this, we can connect you to an editor who can be your extra set of eyes -- more information can be found at the end of this section.

Spell check

. If your word processing program has a spell check function, turn this on and run the checker, attending to each change individually instead of accepting all of them in bulk. You never know when a discipline-specific term might not be found in the spell checker’s dictionary and might be automatically corrected to another word entirely. Save yourself the embarrassment of autocorrect by taking the time to go step by step!

Grammar check

Some word processors offer grammar checking. You can run this check as well, and look at each individual change to make certain it makes sense for your paper.


After you use the automatic mechanical tools at your disposal, read through your paper. This is best done after a time away from the paper. If you have been working closely with the paper, your familiarity with it may cause you to skip over words as you read and not be as attentive

  • Tip: If you do not have the luxury of time to step away from the paper, you can alleviate this problem by proofreading the paper in reverse -- that is, start with the final concluding sentence of the paper and work backwards.
  • Tip: Reading the paper out loud can also be useful in this step to help with grammar and wording. Any time you stumble on a word or sentence as you are reading it out loud, check the grammar and spelling for what made you stumble.


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