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XML Conversion

XML Conversion

XML, an Extensive Mark-up Language is a cross-platform web-publishing format used to display and store information on the internet. The advantages of XML over other web-publishing formats include its validation ability, scalability, flexibility and versatility. Due to the various advantages of XML format, one of the most happening tasks in the present environment is converting web publishing formats to XML

Verve Research Solutions is a leading company which provides the quickest, accurate, reliable services in XML conversion outsourcing. Our XML conversion India professionals can convert any flat, semi-structured data, comma separated values, delimited fields and records and so on to XML files using professional conversion techniques. Our professionals make sure that the styles, layout, graphics, links and special effects of the previous version are not changed when converted to XML files.

Services we offer:

  • HTML to XML
  • PDF to XML
  • Word to XML
  • CSV to XML
  • Excel to XML
  • Text to XML
  • SGML to XML
  • XHTML to XML
  • Binary to XML

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